I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. And I think everybody does! I don’t like being sick, I don’t like feeling like the world is falling on top of me and that I can barely walk and figure out what’s happening around me… Unfortunately this is what I had to experience the last week-end.

It all began Thursday afternoon with a very intense headache. It lasted for at least 2 hours. Then my throat started feeling funny, I was very dizzy and my stomach was hurting a bit (because of it I thought for a moment that maybe I had food poisoning…). At that point I was already in bed, watching How I Met Your Mother, getting ready for sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I wasn’t feeling great, but I wasn’t that bad either. So I went to uni. After a few hours there and with the symptoms coming back, I decided I should be home in bed instead. I went to my lovely boyfriend (he offered to take care of me). Friday and almost all Saturday I slept, fully dressed with a scarf around my throat, under a big blanket and I wasn’t even any tiny bit too warm. Sunday I started feeling better and now all that remained is an aching throat and a very sexy voice.

Jesper’s mother is working in a hospital and she said that there is a flu epidemic in Aarhus. She also said that all the people that came there had the same symptoms as I did and that it took them about 5 days to recover. I’m happy that I’m (almost) over it now.

I am not so proud though that I managed to get Jesper sick too. Today he’s in bed, skipping school and I can’t even repay and take care of him…


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