The London Eye

Before coming to England my mom gave me a small guide book about London and the most important things too see there. The British Museum is number 1, second comes the National Gallery and third is the London Eye (the list carries on, though). I knew I could never see no. 1 and 2 in the short period I spent in London, but I had to go for the London Eye. And when I first saw it I knew it would be worthy.

This observation wheel is the biggest one in the whole world and when the weather is nice and there are no clouds in the sky, you can see up to 40 km. Pretty impressive, right? Of course it was cloudy when I took a ride, but that didn’t mean that the view was not nice. Actually I think the clouds can have, in some way, their own beauty and they add something to the landscape.

I discovered that the ticket (which is far from being cheap) is cheaper if you buy it on the internet so that is what I did. I was told to come to the wheel half an hour before the time I had the ride. I did that but I ended up staying in the queue for about an hour and a half. It was a very long queue.

But once I got in the cabin and I started going up, I decided that I didn’t waste that time for nothing. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

So my advice is: do not miss the London Eye!

Bonus: the ticket includes a 4D experience about London and The Eye. It was my first 4D and I enjoyed it. It almost made me feel I was part of what was happening on the screen.

2 responses to “The London Eye

  • ilinca

    Well, I never believed in following the “most important things to see” in a city. Nor I understand people who go just for shopping somewhere they never been before. But it’s important to see the things that interested you in a new place, like you discovered the “Science Museum”. I wish you to return in London to see everything you missed (I liked the Tower of London best).

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