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I guess it would be silly from me to come to England for the first time in my life and not visit London. Therefore I took this chance and spent the last week-end there. What I can say about it is that it was very nice and very expensive. And I would do it again!

I have to admit that I was a bit lazy and didn’t act like a proper tourist. Instead of waking up at 7 in the morning and come back at the hotel as close as possible to midnight and meanwhile see as many things as possible, I generally left the hotel around noon and came back after a normal dinner. I do think though that I saw some of the most important things in London:

I also visited some less touristy places:

I will be back with some more details! :)

One year older

Last week it was my birthday. I was sad a while ago when I realized that on this day I will be in England with none of my good friends or family members close to me. What I didn’t expect though was the nice evening I got to spend at The Royal Oak with my new friends! We had a very good time together and I was not sad any more, I did feel it was a special day.

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