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106 Woodstock Road

As I already mentioned, I am fond of summer schools. So I didn’t miss the chance of spending six weeks at one of the worlds best universities: Oxford!

I left Aarhus yesterday at noon and headed to England on a Ryanair flight. From that point on, I was impressed to realize how nice some people can be. On the flight I sat next to a Danish guy who’s been living in London for the past six years. We had a chat and he kindly offered to show me around, in case I find time to go see London too (which I definitely hope I will). I had to take a National Express bus from Stansted airport and I arrived in Oxford at 20. I think I managed to seem lost, looking very confused at my printed Google map (which didn’t have the street that I was on) when some other guy asked me if I need help. He showed me the way to Trinity College, where I had to pick up my key. After which I started heading towards my accommodation: 106 Woodstock Road.

It wasn’t fun. I found a place with lots of flats and knowing that I am living in a flat, I figured that it might be the right one… there were no numbers to be found! I decided that I have no clue where I am so I asked some man who was riding a bike if he can help me. He actually started riding ahead, to look for the right place. After a while he came back and told me he thought he found it (again, the number was missing). He helped me with my bag and took me to the right place. I was impressed how kind he was :)

So, here it is, Woodstock Road!

I am living in a flat that has three rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. I must admit that I think it is a bit expensive (120 pounds per week), especially since it… doesn’t look very nice. But maybe I am just picky. My flat mates are attending the same summer school as me so we took the time today to get to know each other better.

I expect to have interesting stories for you from infamously rainy England (luckily it didn’t rain yet) so stay tuned!

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